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Your Menstrual Cycle + Training

We have got you and your menstrual cycles back. Did you know that you can manipulate your weeks and months to have an exercise routine that alights with your cycle to optimise your energy levels, results and well being. Here are some ways you can move your body over the month to work WITH your cycle, not against it.

Phase 1 // Follicular Phase (Period Week Days 1 - 7)

Your energy levels may be low, especially at the start, its a good time to listen to your body and focus on what it needs.

Mobility / Stretch: It may be all you need, gentle poses or stretching to relieve discomfort and promote relaxation.

Light Cardio: Walks or light cardio to boost circulation without putting too much strain on your body. Running can help ease any discomfort you can have in the first few days.

Pilates: Your speed and intensity, change springs according to how you are feeling. Rest where you need to. Stay hydrated and eat varied food. Looking after your gut health can help you have less highs and lows, making your system more reliable each month.

Phase 2 // Follicular Phase (Days 8-14)

Your estrogen levels rise, and your energy and endurance increase, allowing for more intense workouts.

Strength Train: Build your strength this week, your hormones are lined up to grow!

HIIT: Incorporate HIIT workouts to improve cardiovascular fitness. Come and join a HIIP, jump class or a Saturday Base Builders where we always lift the cardio and your spirit!

Phase 3 // Ovulation (Day 15 - 21)

You may experience a surge in energy and feel more motivated. Focus on activities that utilise this.

Outdoor Activities: Go for hikes, runs or bike rides.

Circuit Train: Combine strength and cardio exercises in a Base Builder class.

Strength Train: Work on heavy lifting and hitting some PB's.

Pilates: Balance your high energy with calming Pilates and breath work to reduce stress.

Phase 4 // Luteal Phase (Days 15-29)

Your progesterone levels rise, which may cause fatigue and low mood changes. Choose exercises that are nuturing.

Low Impact: Swim, walk, and cycle to maintain fitness without strain.

Barre: Engage in barre workouts that focus on toning, sculpting muscles and improving posture,

Everyone's cycle and response to exercise varies. It's important to listen to your body and adjust intensity or type of exercise for how you are feeling and where you may be in your cycle.

If you want to know more, reach out! I would love to help you.

Hannah x

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