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Let's build your base! From reformers and barre to barbells and boxing gloves, we have it all. With 12 curated classes that cater for all levels you are sure to find something that feels good, is always fun and leaves you glowing.

Base Reformer

Reformers were created by the original creater of Pilates, Joseph Pilates, he originally named what we know as Pilates, contrology and he believed that through the magic of contrology we could reform to life. This piece of equipment can challenge you like nothing else, while also supporting you and giving constant feedback throughout your session. We can add and take away resistance to the body to make Pilates more intense and dynamic. Pilates is amazing for strength, coordination, functional movement and it helps to create long, lean, and strong bodies. The reformers are so supportive of your movement, they are great for everyone.


HIIP is a base favourite. This is a high intensity interval class with a focus on building a strong core. In HIIP you will move from the reformer to the mat and work in short intervals to get the heart pumping. There are short breaks throughout to grab a drink and wipe the sweat off. This is one you will want to schedule into your week. 

Pilates Slow

A slow moving Reformer class that is great for everyone. Nothing fancy, just simple but good foundational and functional movements. The perfect class to book if you are just beginning your Pilates journey or if you have been coming for a while and would like to focus on some of the basics. Because even elite athletes need to focus on the basics.

Pilates For Our Beginners

A class to build your Foundations in Reformer Pilates. If you're new here, this class will get you feeling confident moving on the reformer, in no time. 


Get peachy *a strong booty and core* with the queen of peachy, Jess. Peachy focuses on getting those muscles in your core and glutes firing, or should we say burning.  Always a good time.

Barre With Bella

A popular full-body workout that fuses ballet barre techniques with the movement of Pilates. You'll leave this class feeling long, lean and sculpted.  


TRX is a form of suspension training that uses body weight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. During this class we use the TRX suspension trainer, a performance training tool that leverages gravity and your body weight to complete the exercises.  

Base Builders

Base Builders is a resistance training class that builds strong and functional bodies. With a mix of strength, functional and fitness, its an all rounder. This class is for all levels and we keep you feeling safe, but challenged throughout.  This is a class you will lift weights that you feel confident lifting, and through consistency those numbers will rise.

Base Boxing

Base Boxing is a fun fitness class for all levels that incorporates boxing and cardio. You will be partnered up, and it will get your heart racing and the body moving. 

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