Control the Controllable

"Control the Controllable, lets show up with an empowered and capable energy becasue we choose to"

With all the events of the past week in Northland, it has left many of you feeling frustrated, shocked, angry and sad. I have felt it in so many and I stand with you in many of those feelings. I'm here for a wallow when you need it, but I'm not here for staying in a state of sadness or negativielty (because where is the fun in that?). So lets get moving forward, take this time to do what makes you feel good, or prepare you for the future. So what are some things you can do to make you feel better, and that you have full control over? Movement and activity in your day, go for a walk and get some fresh air, join a live zoom class with friends, play sports with your kids, find ways to move throughout the day. I know this one might feel tough but it is important, you can work on taking out the stress you are feeling by focusing on the good around you, because there is still so much to be grateful for, talking to family or friends about your worries, jounalling, making plans on how to move forward from this situation. You can control what you eat and drink, by fuelling the body to run as well as it can, to feel energied and happy. Eat a wide range of foods, think of food that fuels your body just like a car that needs petrol. we need the right kind of petrol and we need the right amount. You can control what you consume via the media and the people you spend time with. If it's creating stress or fear or anxiety it could be time to take a break. Lastly you can control how much rest you are allowing yourselves to have and work on getting good sleep to help your body rest and repair. Create space in your day to do some brethwork, or meditate or stretch or simply lie on your bed and do nothing, even if its 5 minutes. give yourself permission to rest.

Stay strong, stay empowered, control the controllable. We have got this xx

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