Base Body NZ is gearing up for TERM 3 and we are pumped to be bringing back BBX3 for the team.

BBX3 is about encouraging positive habits and building consistency in training and movement. Consistency is the key to your fitness goals, it is arguably the most important component when working towards achieving your goals, both in the gym and in life. Positive change and positive habits come from consistent behaviour. We are not a boom and bust at BASE, we are about healthy lifestyles to build the person we want to be.

BBX3 kicks off on the 20th of July for 10 weeks, signing up means you need to make 3 sessions a week. If you can't make 3 in one week, because life gets in the way, it's ok BASE has got your back, you can get in that session on any other week over the ten weeks.

You can combine any classes to make up the 3 sessions, for example you may do BASE BAR, BASE REFORMER & BASE BUILDERS in your week to make your 3 sessions.

There are up to $1000.00 worth of prizes up for grabs. For anyone that completes the challenge successfully, you will go in the draw to win; a BASE BODY NZ membership for one term (up to the value of 3 sessions of group fitness/wk), a pair of Moveactive socks, a pair of tight or shorts of your choice, a ultrella product of your choice.

The person who makes the most classes in the term will win a BASE BODY NZ long sleeved T'shirt.

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